About Us

Who we are?

We are an institution specialized in creating customize work experience programs for students, graduates and professionals who need to build their career. We innovatively bridge the gap between education and experience with real work experience, skills development and building working culture. We achieve these through forming partnerships with leading UAE and International educational institutions, Government departments and Top companies in diverse industries. Our programs are designed to provide you with detailed exposure to systems and processes that build required experience by employers. Our digital plaLorms have intelligent systems that helps you to both forecast and track your journey through the experience period.

Our Story

Providing training programs linked to practical training to gain knowledge and practical experience through interaction, cooperation and partnership between the academic community and the labor market.
Excellence and innovation in learning and gaining work experience at the same time, and serving the local and the international communities.
- Passion
- Integrity
- Accountability
- Collaboration
- Innovation
- Quality

Specializations offered for Training and Work Experience

- Business Development
- Sales and Marketing
- Finance and Accounting
- Procurement
- Operation Management
- Construction
- Real Estate
- Energy
- Healthcare
- Trading and Retail
- Engineering
- Architecture
- Interior Design
- Hospitality
- Media
- Education
- Gain practical experience
- Receive training within your area of study
- Expand your network of professional contacts
- Develop an understanding of the international workplace
- Cultivate industry specific terminology
- Improve workplace communication skills
- Gain a competitive edge in the job market
- Create memories that will last a lifetime
- Develop soft skills that are vital for career success