Program key skills
Financial workflow Financial Accounting -Fundamental Course Teamworking ability
Accounting Policies and Procedures
Invoices Organisational skills
Financial software Accounting
Forecasting & Reporting
Flashcards: Financial Software Systems analysis
Feedback Testing Knowledge
Course Feedback Survey
Program key skills
Sales Listening skills Team-building
Art of the Sales Conversation
Filtering Your Target Market
Seeling the proposed solution
Plan the Work, Work the Plan: Weekly Cadence
The importance of sharing sales feedback Enhances performance
Giving (and Receiving) Feedback
Marketing Understanding of marketing management
Shaping the market Social selling
Negotiation skills tranining
Creating a marketing plan
Brand management
Program key skills
Business development Business development fundamentals Research
Stress, time and performance management Communication
Sales Valley Methodology to build business relationships Time management
Different types of business development deal structures Strategies
Close deals effectively and grow a business relationship for the long term Negotiation
The MOST EFFECTIVE way to pitch your product or service Conflict management
Successfully negotiate business deals
Program key skills
Process and system Introduction to Operations Management Scheduling
Key concepts of operations management
Resource Requirements Planning
The operation management Product and Service Management
Operations Scheduling Forecasting
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Inventory Management
Management of Quality
Program key skills
Procurement essentials Risks and opportunities in the procurement process Business analysis
Describe the strategic sourcing process
dentify the tools and resources that are appropriate at each phase of the strategic sourcing process Structured thinking
Procurement for non procurement professionals Describe the end to end procurement process
Manage simple bid processes Performance evaluation
Developing a procurement plan
Evaluating offers and selecting the best offer
Procurement planning/ Process Writing strategic procurement objectives and initiatives Transparency
Apply demand forecasting techniques
Evaluate vendor bids
Conduct an assessment of the supplier market Competition
Implement the sourcing strategy